Viable Alternatives

With knowledge comes change

The Eco Change – Reusable silicon caps

To actively source provisions with low single-use plastic footprint packaging.


Help save the planet by eliminating plastic wrap so they don’t reach our oceans anymore! 
These reusable silicone caps are the best alternative to remove plastic from your daily activities.

Reusing them only once makes you part of the movement!

ECOLOGICAL MATERIAL –   These adjustable silicone caps are made of platinum silicone, one of the materials with the highest food guarantee. It is not toxic, it has a soft and extremely elastic texture, it maintains a total tear resistance, it is safe, it does not absorb or give off any smell and it is 100% reusable and recyclable. 

DURABLE DESIGN –  You can tightly close any container without having to seal it with film. They do not deteriorate over time and can be reused countless times. Its temperature resistance is from -30 to 230 ℃, which allows its use in refrigerators, microwave ovens and electric ovens.

KEEP THE COOL FOOD –  Create an air tight seal when placed on a container, preventing air from entering inside, keeping food, fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

WIDE USED –   They stretch easily to fit containers and bowls of various sizes and shapes. Perfect for fruits, vegetables, bowls, plates, plates, candy jars, cans and cups. They can be washed both in the dishwasher and by hand.

All products and suppliers are displayed on the Clear Ocean Pact website for free. Clear Ocean Pact makes no guarantee or warranty for the application of the products displayed and encourages all users to investigate all options available to them before purchasing.  Clear Ocean Pact accepts no liability for any use of the products displayed.   When you see this code ‘CLEAROCEANPACT5’ then the supplier has agreed to discount your purchase by 5% and donate a further 5% to the initiative. Thank you.