Viable Alternatives

With knowledge comes change


To eliminate the use of all single-use plastic items with readily available alternatives, starting with the items due to be banned by the EU in 2021.


The SACQUA™ bag made from recycled plastic has been used by professional and amateur yachtsmen all over the world from  the Volvo Round Ireland Race 2018, The International Classic Yacht Race Les Volies d’Antibes 2018, The Laser Worlds 2017 to The Topper Worlds 2017 to name but a few. In fact the SACQUA™ bag  is so versatile it can be used for all sea-sports and any vessel, from a dinghy to a super-yacht. Keenly priced, fantastic for individual use whether chartering, racing, crewing or own a boat or board.


All products and suppliers are displayed on the Clear Ocean Pact website for free. Clear Ocean Pact makes no guarantee or warranty for the application of the products displayed and encourages all users to investigate all options available to them before purchasing.  Clear Ocean Pact accepts no liability for any use of the products displayed.   When you see this code ‘CLEAROCEANPACT5’ then the supplier has agreed to discount your purchase by 5% and donate a further 5% to the initiative. Thank you.