After five years since winning our first award at the UK’s leading sustainable event, the PEA awards, the Clear Ocean Pact is evolving in 2024….

We have always viewed ‘being sustainable’ as the global impact a yacht has on its environment and the people within its ecosystem, which are required for it to operate successfully over its lifespan.

(Success being measured as the owner’s enjoyment).

Understanding and effectively addressing a yacht’s global impact is the challenge we are taking on to make this super easy for yacht owners directly.

We want to give them 100% confidence in the data but also the ability to make informed impact decisions – from the moment of conception to the day they sell up (and beyond for the new owner).

Our new goal is not only to strive to continue reducing the impact of single-use plastics in yachting but also to offer owners the power at their fingertips to quickly and easily control the impact of their yachts in real-time.

Welcome to the Zero Impact initiative from the Clear Ocean Pact.

If you’d be interested to know more and join us as a partner in this journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Richard Orme

As a child of the 70’s all I’ve known is plastic. A brilliant material used in many applications, plastic is here to stay. Like many people, the issue of single-use plastic pollution raised in the media over the past decade has always caught my attention, but I had been truly uninformed of the gigantic challenges we face to rectify the problem and stem the damaging effects it is having on our oceans, that is until now.

Having supported the Plastiki expedition in 2009, a brilliant alliance commissioned by David de Rothschild of Adventure Ecology to raise awareness, I now find my focus and 23 years experience in superyachting, solely aimed to uniting the industry with a non-biased, non-profit initiative that can make a real and immediate change to its dependency on single-use plastics and consumption as a whole.

Through the Clear Ocean Pact, a foundation formed in 2017 sparked by the need to “do something” about plastic pollution, I find myself at the beginning of a new chapter in my yachting career with potentially the biggest challenge ahead – uniting an industry to tackle a cause together that is greater than any one organisation within it.