Clear Ocean Pact has been featured in a special issue of My Green Pod magazine. The ‘Restoration Revolution’ issue was distributed with The Guardian on 6th September 2019, and focuses on embedding restoration into every customer transaction to fix some of our most pressing environmental issues. 

The important work of Clear Ocean Pact including our five-pledge PACT appeared alongside leading environmental initiatives and charities that are helping to fight back through innovative, tangible projects.

A huge thank you to My Green Pod for helping to spread awareness of our vision and PACT that aims to inspire a different attitude towards plastics in yachting and help each and every yacht to lower its plastic footprint. The further we reach, the more impact we can have within the yachting industry and beyond. As the article explains:

“Behind Clear Ocean Pact is a belief that the superyacht industry can be a pioneer for change that extends far beyond its sector alone”.

Read the full article on the My Green Pod website here.

Through the ‘Restoration Revolution’ issue, My Green Pod is calling on us all to collectively create an age of restoration with a clear purpose to fix the biggest known issue of humanities time. Learn more about their work at

Kailey Nolan
Communications Manager

Strategic communications professional working across science and tech, public health, the environment and arts and culture. Passionate about contributing to a fair and equal society, and providing platforms that support diverse, intersectional voices.